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MAINWARE introduction at the international engineering fair in Brno

MAINWARE (previously ARVISOR) = our unique tool for smart machine maintenance. We will introduce this platform for the first time at the International Engineering Fair in Brno (7-11 October) at the stand of our partner Mitsubishi Electric – Hall P / 138.

Arvisor completely replaces paper documentation, reduces dependence on the human factor, greatly simplyfies the entire maintenance process and elevates the business to Smart Factory in Industry 4.0 standard.

In the Predictive Maintenance module, MAINWARE can use AI to analyze anomalies of robots, pneumatic cylinders, valves or other machine components to inform the worker of a possible collapse before the outage affects production losses.

3D machine data creates an interactive guide along with a view that is captured live by the tablet camera. Step-by-step it guides the operator through the individual maintenance tasks and allows you to order the necessary parts in just a few clicks.

MAINWARE can be used for any machine from any manufacturer in any industry. Unique platform available in a small tablet.