We rank among the top of automation market, and our production lines and machines can be found all over the world.

We bring added value to our customers and help them break through on market and surpass the competitors. Thanks to the unbiased point of view and experience of our engineers, we are finding new, innovative solutions for the construction and manufacturing problems. New ideas, cutting-edge technology, higher quality, speed and the best quality/cost ratio are crucial for any market player – and we are here to help you catch up with the fast-changing and expanding market.


1999 – JHV-Engineering founded in Pardubice. Number of employees: 5. Core business: external engineering for company Ingersoll-Rand.

2000 – Establishment of a branch office in Prague. Expansion of construction works for the production and development of single-purpose machines for industrial automation.

2001 – For the first time, we exceeded the annual turnover of 30 milions CZK, with 20 employees on board.

2003 – New offices in Pardubice to have more space for the construction and production works, with 30 engineers and 5 manual workers.

2005 – We built a new assembling shop, providing sufficient space for manufacturing of large production lines.

2006 – The company broke the 100 millions CZK annual turnover limit. The number of engineers increased to 35.

2007 – More than 200 single-purpose machine projects have been realized.

2008 – Revenues exceeded 120 millions CZK.

2012 – Revenues double in four years, exceeding 230 millions CZK.

2015 – The number of delivered single-purpose machines and production lines exceeded 400 pcs. Number of employees: 135.

2016 – New company headquarters are built in Pardubice to accommodate the growing team.

2017 – Revenues exceeded 440 milions CZK. Number of employees: 177.

2018 – JHV-Engineering recognized as EY Technological Entrepreneur of the Year, awarded both on the regional and on the country level. Read more here.


Numbers do speak better than a hundred words: our annual turnover has increased from 5,4 millions CZK in 1999 to more than 460 millions CZK in 2019.


Project title: Implementation of Age Management to JHV-ENGINEERING s.r.o.

The aim of the project is to update the company’s strategy, including mission, visions and values, incorporating the principles of age management.

The project is co-funded by the European Union.


Project title: Extension of the research and development infrastructure of JHV-ENGINEERING s.r.o.

The aim of the project is to substantially extend the research and innovation capacity (RIC) of JHV-ENGINEERING, s.r.o. The project is realized in Pardubice in the current premises of the company at Nádražní 641, Rosice, 533 51 Pardubice.

Within the project will be purchased machines used for research and development of the company and SW necessary for providing R & D activities in the field of development of machines and equipment for the fields of automotive, medicine or electroprojection.

The project is co-funded by the European Union.