The world of technology is constantly changing, developing and bringing new challenges. We stay on top of it to bring original ideas and find the most effective solutions for your project.

New line for pre-assembly of gearbox parts

We are installing a new 20m long line at Škoda Auto in Mladá Boleslav. It is used for pre-assembly of components for the MQ200 gearbox. The line consists of a total of 11 stations, four of which are pressed using a combination of servo and ball screw with forces up to 50kN. There are one main and three secondary conveyors on the line, where the components are loaded into pallets. These components are further transferred by a robotic manipulator to a pallet on the main conveyor, where the assembly itself takes place. A total of 3 manipulators (SCARA Staubli) and one 6-axis KUKA robot are used. At stations with SCARA manipulators, there are camera controls that check the correctness and installation of the part from the side conveyors.

Two new automatic lines for the assembly of ball joints

These automatic lines are used to mount the internal ball joint IBJ. They are designed as universal, with the possibility of producing more types of IBJ joints. Loading and unloading is solved fully automatically using SCARA robots and pneumatic manipulators. Both lines are designed for 1 operator with a 20 – 30 minute car autonomy. The operator only refills the input components to the vibrating feeders.

New revolutionary automatic line

The new production line is designed for fully automatic operation and is used for the production of segmented elbows from a tube with a diameter of 250-280-300-315 mm. The machine is able to create bending angles from 15 ° to 90 ° by tilting. To operate the line, one operator is required, whose task is to load the required sheets into the station, which then continue along the roller conveyor to the station for bending. The most interesting thing about this machine is that so far nobody has been able to build something like this.

Displeje do aut bude vyrábět nová automatická linka

Nová automatická montážně kontrolní linka bude kompletovat a testovat displeje do aut. V první fázi se do linky založí „blistry“ s komponentami, ze kterých se postupně sestaví displej a následně probíhá jeho kontrola. Linku obsluhují dva operátoři, z nichž jeden zapojuje ploché vodiče od displeje do PCB. Druhý operátor provádí vizuální kontrolu a odebírá hotové sestavy z linky. Veškerou ostatní manipulaci pak obstarávají roboty Kuka.

New automatic line for the production of wire brushes

The automatic line is used for cold rolling of wires at a speed of up to 4 m / s and their subsequent processing by cutting into brushes. The line consists of several stations. There is a gradual hydraulic bending of the sheet metal envelope and then assembly with a bundle of wire and brush shape calibration. The line is equipped with an air-conditioned overpressure switchboard and other elements that enable long-term operation in an environment with airborne steel dust. There is also included a robotic workstation with a Yaskawa GP50 robot with a gripper for gripping and trimming wire ends.

New semi-automatic production line goes to Austin Detonator

We manufactured a new semi-automatic production line for Austin Detonator in Vsetín, which produces electronic detonators. This production line is 14 meters long and compiles 3 types of connectors and 3 types of wires. The Bosch conveyor, 6-axis robot ABB and ESD Scara Staubli are the parts of this production line. Operator is at the entrance, where establishes input parts and also at the exit. Approximately from the middle around the product is explosive atmosphere V1.