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2020 - jhv.cz



Die Welt der Technik verändert sich ständig, entwickelt sich weiter und bringt neue Herausforderungen mit sich. Wir behalten den Überblick, um originelle Ideen einzubringen und die effektivsten Lösungen für Ihr Projekt zu finden.

PF 2021

Wir danken allen unseren Mitarbeitern, Kunden, Lieferanten und Unterstützern von JHV für ihre Unterstützung im vergangenen Jahr. Wir wünschen Ihnen viel Erfolg und erfüllte Wünsche und freuen uns auf die Zusammenarbeit mit Ihnen im Jahr 2021.

New semi-automatic line for SKODA AUTO

We installed a new production line at Škoda Auto for the pre-assembly of gearbox components. The assembly line is 20m long and has in total 11 stations. The line includes 3 JHV SCARA manipulators, one 6-axis KUKA robot and 4 BOSCH conveyors, for which a camera control of parts is installed at the output. Four stations are equipped by presses of our own design where the components are precisely electrically presses. The finished subassemblies are marked at the last station with a KEYENCE laser head, including verification of the description.

New assembly and controll machine for automotive

A new semi-automatic assembly and inspection machine, designed to be operated by 1 operator, traveled to our customers in the automotive industry. The line uses a 6-axis YASKAWA robot for part handling and the KISTLER press is used for precise pressing. In the last step, the product is marked with a laser. The production time of the finished product is 20s.

New fully automatic robotic workplace

We delivered a new, unattended, fully autonomous robotic workplace in the Industry 4.0 standard. It includes error detection and machine status, and connection to MES. The machine is used for the production of LED lights. The workplace includes JHV robots, a milling machine for PBC boards machining and cutting and a fully automatic palletizing system. The line tact is 6.5 s and over 240 different types of LEDs can be produced.

New automatic robotic workplace

We have installed new fully automatic robotic workplace for air duct systems manufacturer. This machines manufacture metal sheets in a laser cutting center, without the need of human intervention. The input material is taken from the coil by a 4-axis palletizing ABB robot, which integrates our own SW for evaluating safe areas for the movement of workers. Maximum sheet size is 4 x 1.5 m and weight 100 kg. PLC control system and servo-drivers are SIEMENS brand.

New semi-automatic machine

New single-purpose machine for stators bundle strapping was handover. The machine is designed for semi-automatic operation. The operator inserts parts (sheets) into the carousel, and then removes the finished bundles. Most of the machine is driven by hydraulics. For pre-pressing, strapping and bundle stretching, the work force of the rollers is up to 10 tons. The machine time is 30s.

Our new line produces Volkswagens trunk doors

In total of 6 stations consists our new line, which arrived in Germany Volkswagen factory, and produces car trunk doors. The bare plastic door frame gradually goes through steps such as glass gluing, an electric lock, buttons and wipers installation, license plate holder and the typical VW emblem fixing. The leak test is performed at the last station. In result there are doors completely ready to be placed into the car. Some stations are semi-automatic and require operator´s service, others are fully automatic. The line integrates also a few older machines from different supplier, that are used for specific tasks, such as glue applying to the rear window etc.

New line full of technologies

The new semi-automatic line had been delivered to our customer and already producing thermostats for BMW engines. The line has in total 45 stations and mounts the thermostats fom 38 types of components. Small parts are fed automatically from 17 vibrating and 1 stair feeder. The transport of the part between the stations is ensured by Bosch conveyors and 5 Weiss carousels. For assembly are used 5 Mitsubishi SCARA robots and 4 ABB six-axis robots. Screw connections are provided by 5 automatic Stöger screwdrivers. The thermostat is at the end tested in the line at pressure stations by the JW Froehlich unit to confirm its tightness. The final OK part is then marked with a laser.

New automatic assembly line

Our next semi-automatic line, which is used for the production of seat belt pretensioners in passenger cars, was taken to the automotive industry. The line is designed as a free-standing modular station, each station is operated by one operator. Parts are transferred manually from one station to another. The assembly line is equipped with EOL, including a laser station for the final marking of the product.

Automatic line with magnetic conveyor

We have supplied a new automatic assembly line for the automotive industry. The line is made in the Industry 4.0 standard. All components in the line are active and enable online monitoring of the production process and the condition of the line, which is connected to the customer’s central MES system. There are 7 JHV robots in combination with SCARA 6-axis in the line, they are also equipped with automatic calibration for unattended setup and adjustment of the robot. This line is exceptional, especially the deployment of the first magnetic conveyor in automotive in Central and Eastern Europe in cooperation with B&R.

New assembly and inspection machine for automotive

To another of our customers from the automotive industry, a new semi-automatic assembly and inspection machine designed for operation by 1 operator. The line uses a 6-axis YASKAWA robot for part handling and the KISTLER press is used for precise pressing. In the last step, the product is marked with a laser. The production time of the finished product is 20s.

Beetle – A NEW PROJECT for artists DAVID ČERNÝ

We started this year very actively and, in addition to our classic work, we continue to work with the artist David Černý. Last weekend we therefore installed another of his amazing projects called BEETLE. We have to thank all the boys from the team, because from a technical point of view, it is clearly the most complex mechanism that has ever left the gates of JHV. The development and production of mechanical components took more than 1 year and in total almost 7,000 hours were worked on the project, so for us it is actually such a beetle! We will bring more details about the origin of the project in the coming days.

New semi-automatic machine for mounting epidural catheters

The machine is used to slide a spring with an outer diameter of 0.7 mm into a plastic tube with an inner diameter of 0.6 mm. The length of the spring and tube is 900 mm. The main components are a six-position carousel with a horizontal axis of rotation and FESTO servo drives. The principle of the assembly itself consists in inflating the tube and then inserting the spring. After blowing, the tube and the spring are firmly connected. Unlike others, our machine is designed for assembly without the use of chemicals. Machine time is 10s. The machine is operated by one operator, who inserts the tubes

New automatic assembly carousel

This machine is designed for sensor production. This is a classic concept of a machine with a carousel. Vibrating feeders are used to supply the machine, and we use SCARA and 6-axis robots in the JHV design for handling parts. The machine also includes the final inspection of the part using a camera system, as well as inspection of deviations in temperature, humidity and dew point measurements. The final parts are stored by the SCARA robot in the output blisters, which are stored in the palletizing station of the machine. The machine is designed in the Industry 4.0 standard so that all data from automatic operation can be stored and further analyzed using remote management.

Conference ROBOTS 2020

We share our experience at the next January conference – Robots 2020 in Brno. Luboš Turanský spoke about the prediction of robot errors using artificial intelligence and tool calibration.

Conference PHENOMENON 4.0

We started the beginning of the year in Zlín at the PHENOMENON 4.0 conference. Luboš Turanský spoke on behalf of JHV Solution on the Business stage and colleague Jiří Dobeš from Good AI Solutions, with whom we cooperate, on the Digi stage.

New station for a semi-automatic machine for the shock absorbers manufacturer

We added another control station to our previous project. On the line that manufactures automotive shock absorbers, it automatically checks the pull-out force of the shock absorber piston rod before the shock absorber is filled with oil. This can reveal assembly defects.

JHV – GROUP and JHV – DEVELOPMENT have been established

Dear partners and supporters, we constantly work on our services and products to respond to your needs with the top quality and speed. That is a key reason for our corporate restructuring. From 2020, JHV GROUP is a holding of companies JHV – ENGINEERING and JHV – DEVELOPMENT. This, however, does not mean any change of ownership structure, we are still one family. Looking forward to working with you in the new decade!


We have delivered new automatic line for assembling the heat exchanger cores of recuperation units. The input material are aluminum lamellas, which enter the machine on special handling pallets of our construction. The slats are then removed, inspected and joined by bending. For removal, we have developed a unique low-pressure high-flow suction system enabling the handling of thin large sheets. An interesting feature is the folding mechanism, which uses a cam mechanism and a servomotor instead of the classic pneumatic cylinders. The machine works 24/7 and consists of different core floor plans. The machine is readjusted to another dimension automatically using servomotors and pneumatic movements. The operator is only prompted to exchange input materials.