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Die Welt der Technik verändert sich ständig, entwickelt sich weiter und bringt neue Herausforderungen mit sich. Wir behalten den Überblick, um originelle Ideen einzubringen und die effektivsten Lösungen für Ihr Projekt zu finden.

MAINWARE awarded as the best digital innovation in the industry

We are proud to announce that our clever maintenance tool MAINWARE (previously ARVISOR) have been awarded by as the best industry digital innovation. MAINWARE changes current view on the digitalization in maintenance. Thank you for your votes which helped us to win. The award was bestowed under the auspices of Ministry of Industry and Trade.

MAINWARE introduction at the international engineering fair in Brno

MAINWARE (previously ARVISOR) = our unique tool for smart machine maintenance. We will introduce this platform for the first time at the International Engineering Fair in Brno (7-11 October) at the stand of our partner Mitsubishi Electric – Hall P / 138.

Arvisor completely replaces paper documentation, reduces dependence on the human factor, greatly simplyfies the entire maintenance process and elevates the business to Smart Factory in Industry 4.0 standard.

In the Predictive Maintenance module, MAINWARE can use AI to analyze anomalies of robots, pneumatic cylinders, valves or other machine components to inform the worker of a possible collapse before the outage affects production losses.

3D machine data creates an interactive guide along with a view that is captured live by the tablet camera. Step-by-step it guides the operator through the individual maintenance tasks and allows you to order the necessary parts in just a few clicks.

MAINWARE can be used for any machine from any manufacturer in any industry. Unique platform available in a small tablet.

Fully automatic line for automotive industry

Delivery of a new fully automatic assembly line, which serves to complete two types of ball joints for suspension of car axles. At the input, the coordinates of the parts are determined by the 3D camera Keyence and the Staubli robot is then based on a conveyor with pallets. The other stations use the Promess servo-press, temperature calibration, grease dosing and finally the camera control of finished parts again using Keyence cameras. The line is operated by only one worker, who refills the feeders trays and removes the assembled parts.

New fully automatic pressing machine with laser marking

The new high-precision, single-purpose, fully automatic machine drills larger diameter holes in the copper electrodes, creating a permanent joint by pressing the roller. The final part is described by the Laser Keyence and is packed in prepared boxes in a specified number of pieces. The main handling parts of the machine include a Mitsubishi Scara robot and Weiss rotary tables. The operator only completes the pallets with parts and takes the finished products or re-configures the machine to produce another type of manufactured parts.

We are opening a new division called JHV-SOLUTIONS

The aim of JHV-SOLUTIONS is to provide tools for customers to improve their existing production and increase their yield. We also uses our own newly developed technical invetions, for example to identify errors and optimize production. The JHV team will also advise you how to save on future production automation during the product development phase or help you analyze and implement the proposed measures. Another activity of the newly established division is the offer of its own products such as modern vibration feeders, sophisticated automatic screwing systems or devices for automatic calibration of robots.

The lower the unemployment rate in the Czech Republic, the more economic is production automation. However the acute labor shortage in Czech engineering limits supply: the total capacity of engineering companies is currently filled to 92 percent, human capacity even to 98 percent, and so many companies are unable to accept new orders or fulfill their contracted volume on time. “But our customers rarely have an accurate estimate of future demand. When they want to increase their supply, they usually wait for them to buy another machine – a waste of time and money. Often this can be solved sooner or without a new machine, faster and at a lower cost. Accelerate existing production, eliminate errors, failures and downtime. If we want to have an efficient industry, we must not waste resources ”- explains Daria Hvizdalova, head of the new division.


New semi-automatic assembly machine

New semi-automatic machine for assembly and testing of door modules for truck M.A.N. The machine is equipped with 2 ABB robots and 3 screw spindles. After manual filling of the components by the operator, they are screwed together by means of screw spindles with automatic screw feeding. After completing all parts, the assembly function is tested and all components are checked correctly using the Keyence camera system. It is interesting to apply the OK label directly to the part using a robot.

New semi-automatic line with collaborative YUMI robot

This semi-automatic line is used for assembling an electric igniter and is designed as a belt conveyor with pallets. At the input it processes 2 different products and different lengths of the supply conductor. A Yumi collaborative robot, which works simultaneously on two stations, was used. At 6 out of 10 stations of the line there is a camera control, one of which, for example, checks the adhesive overflow under UV light. The line is designed for 1 seated operator, who manually inserts prepared wires into the line and 1 person who adds input material and takes the finished parts.

New semi-automatic line

For the installation of automotive shock absorbers, we have supplied a new semi-automatic line where components and subassemblies are set up by 2-3 operators. The assembly process is then fully automatic. The line is designed as modular, where each station has its own PLC and separate station technology, including a manipulator, which ensures the transport of the damper between individual stations by means of synchronized movements. The line includes a 6-axis ABB robot. The machine time is 6.5 s. The line is equipped with data collection and remote administration capabilities for operation and diagnostics.

New furnaces for rotational molding of plastics

We delivered special furnaces for rotational molding of plastics. The device clamps and centers in furnace the lockable molds on a rotary table driven by an electric motor. After heating, the plastics are centrifugally poured into a mold. Different programs of individual cycles for various types of molds and casting modes are stored in the PLC.

New automatic marking and checking machine

The new automatic machine is used to mark and finalize up to 120 types and variants of LED modules. For first the assembled LED module is welded by ultrasound, then is marked by fiber laser and the accuracy and quality of the label is checked by the camera. In the next step, two automatic screwdrivers unscrew the clamps. Using a multimeter is checked the electric current flow and the luminosity of the LED module. The LED module is then printed in color, checked by the camera, described by the laser from the other side, and again checked by the camera to ensure fault-free output.

New automatic folding machine

We supplied another new automatic line for heat exchanger cores folding. The input material is aluminum slats, which enter the machine on special handling pallets of our construction. The lamellas are subsequently removed by a low-pressure vacuum gripper, inspected and joined by bending. The low vacuum for handling is not developed by conventional vacuum pumps or ejectors, but by the unique low-pressure high-flow exhaust system that we developed based on our research on thin material handling. An interesting feature is the folding mechanism, which uses a cam mechanism and a servomotor instead of classic pneumatic cylinders. The machine operates in 24/7 mode and consists of different core plans. Adjustment of the machine to another dimension is done automatically by servomotors and pneumatic movements. The operator is only invited to exchange input materials.

Multi-purpose automatic machine

Delivery of a new, fully automatic two-shift machine that processes a range of about 60 kinds of plasma cutting components. The machine drills a hole into the selected part, then the accuracy of this borehole is checked and various types of other components are pressed into the resulting hole. The complete part is then described by laser, packed in the required number in a suitable box size and covered with a label with the correct data. The result is a complete labeled package with the required number of parts. Machine time is 5-7 seconds depending on the selected part.