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Die Welt der Technik verändert sich ständig, entwickelt sich weiter und bringt neue Herausforderungen mit sich. Wir behalten den Überblick, um originelle Ideen einzubringen und die effektivsten Lösungen für Ihr Projekt zu finden.

New furnaces for rotary casting of plastics

Delivery of special furnaces for the rotary casting of plastics. The furnace device clamps and centers the lockable molds on a rotary table driven by an electric motor. After heating a centrifugal casting of the plastic takes place into the mold. Various cycles for different molds and casting modes are prepared in PLCs.

New robotic workplace

The robotic workplace is designed for semi-automatic 24/7 mode. It is used for the automatic mounting of torsional vibrations shock absorbers for the automotive industry. The workplace combines the 6-axis YASKAWA robot and the WEISS electric carousel. The machine also ensures precise pressing by servo press and final camera control. The device can process 4 or more product types. Machine time is 12s / piece.


CYBERDOG – Robotic wine bar and technological information center

This building consists of two floors and it´s shape should look like the head and body of a dog, the material should remind the spaceship from future. Space in Cyberdog is divided into a robotic workstation, a trolleys and their rails located above visitor´s seatings, and a projection area where are projected presentations of the world technologies. If a visitor installs an app, he or she can command the robotic system to process it. The KUKA robotic arm then grabs the selected wine (or another beverage), uncork, pours a precisely measured quantity, put the bottle back and places the prepared beverage on a trolley, on which it is transported to the right table.

New robotic workplace

Delivery of new robotic workplace for handling and inserting pipes into a flowmeter testing circuit. The workplace is designed as fully automatic and a 6-axis KUKA robot with a load capacity of 360 kg had been selected for handling.

New automatic marking line

The purpose of this automatic line is to mark 32-100 mm long Al and Cu tubes. This automatic line includes a visual control provided by the high-speed camera that evaluates the correct description and length of the tubes. The line is designed as fully automatic. The operator only adds input material. Machine time is 0,42s / pcs.

Single-purpose silk circles quality controlling machine

New machine for manipulation and control of silk circles handover. The cutting machines cut out the round silk circles, which are transported by handling machine using a vacuum. Then the camera checks the quality of the cut, circularity and other important parameters and evaluates it. Pieces that the video camera evaluates as defective throw into the NOk box. The machine is designed as semi-automatic for one operator.

New semi-automatic assembly machine

Semi-automatic single-purpose assembly machine is designed for assembling and checking parts for the automotive industry. Part of the machine is laser soldering with 2 soldering heads EUTECT GmbH. Machine time is 6 seconds. The machine is operated by 1 operator.

New multi-purpose robotic assembly line

This line is designed for the production and control of automotive shock absorbers. The line is designed as semi-automatic, components are supplied and sub-assemblies are assembled by 2-3 operators. The actual assembly process takes place automatically. As a part of the line are 6-axis ABB robots, and the SIEMENS S1500 system is used for control. The line machine time is 11 s. The line is additionally equipped with data collection and remote management and diagnostics.

New single-purpose welding, filling and pressing machine

This single-purpose machine welds, fills, controls and presses components for the production of temperature sensors for the automotive industry. The machine is designed for semi-automatic operation. The operator inserts the component into the carousel and then is exactly filled by the heat-conducting paste. On the left side of the machine is precision welding of thermocouple wires, which is then conveyed to the carousel, assembled and pressed to the final product. The Siemens PLC is used to control the machine, for precisely position are used the FESTO servo drives. The machine’s machine time is 5 seconds.

Collaborative dual-arm YUMI robot

Dual-arm collaborative robot YuMi integration for two single-purpose machines. The robot completely replaces work of 2 operators, so the customer´s production can run fully in 24/7 mode. Machine time is 16s and all operations are fully automatic.

Automatic assembly line

The automatic production line is designed for 24/7 unattended operation mode. Technically designed as a linear conveyor assembly. To fill the line are used vibration feeders and our special untwist machines. The device is designed to assembly 1 type of product.

We are the best tech company of 2017!

We are the best technological company in Czech Republic! We are proud to have received the title of EY Technological Entrepreneur of the Year 2017.

The Entrepreneur Of The Year program, founded by EY, has recognized the endeavors of exceptional business owners who create the products and services that keep our worldwide economy moving forward. The award is given out in 145 cities and more than 60 countries worldwide. Watch the EY nomination video to learn more about us.

New assembly machine

The machine is designed for fully automatic unattended operation in 24/7 mode. The machine time for one part inserting is 0.6s, and the machine’s maximum stroke is 7s per finished piece.

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017 in Pardubice Region

This year we participated in EY Entrepreneur Of The Year competition. We managed to win the first round and were awarded as EY Entrepreneur Of The Year in Pardubice Region. Now we continue to the national final round!